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Beaten and verbally abused all my life, now lost and hopeless

A lifetime of abuse has taken a toll on me and I now have many physical illnesses that have me vomiting very often and have made me incredibly physically weak, as I feel dizzy and faint of stress, fear and exhaustion.

Hoping for honest answers

I’m very lost and empty and at high risk of suicide.

Curse of the Mother

She curses my future children and my marriage.

In need of hope..too many issues with Self

I am drowned in negative thoughts and emotions regardless of constantly praying and thinking about Allah.

Please Help Me – I Can’t Bear This

Allah pak may forgive me I was so tortured by my mother in law that even I tried to kill myself..

Student. Stress. Anxiety. Depression.

I feel like suicide is the only way to escape this depression. Please help me!

I feel like this should be the end.

Can I wish and hope to die peacefully? Can I pray for that? I want this to end. Life to end.

Doubts and negative thoughts

Sometimes I feel like ending up my life but I’m very afraid to do it as I knew the severe punishment of suicide in the hereafter.

Suicidal because of my sexual thoughts

I try so hard but I get nowhere. Allah is my witness, what’s in my heart is so different to what happens in my brain… Is it still haraam for me to take my life?

Strong feelings of commiting suicide

I’m sick of this life and crying and feeling lonely. I’m so hurt and in pain. Will Allah forgive me if I kill myself and end this pain????