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My fears becoming a reality


As salamu Alaikum brothers and sisters, I am a female 27 years of age. Ever since I can remember I have always had fears but I've noticed when I turned 16 up until now my fears became only about death and disease and thinking how if anything like that happens I cannot handle it... I have spent my high school years in anxiety and wasted all those years of my life in fear... Now some of those fears have become a reality for me, and am so confused. Some times I think Allah is teaching me a lesson(with my fears)for not trusting him enough. Please give me advice on what to do. Am so lost right now.



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  1. Perform ur daily prayers regularly. If you focus on ur fear it will become a reality. Please dont let it happen. Allah is always with you. Try to know why are your mind is diverting to negative thoughts, Is it because of any circumstances thats affecting or any other? Trust yourself. Know ur weak points & work on it to be a optimistic person.

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