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Wedding gifts taken back from me

Wedding rings

Asalaam O'Alaikum,

I have been divorced due to my mother in law having hateful thoughts about me and brainwashing her only son; my exhusband.

Him and his parents let me take back my belongings but did not give me back my gifted valuables that were given to me from him and his mom. I was also gifted a jewelry set from one of his aunt's which was not given to me from him or his parents and even that wasn't returned to me. They also kept my wedding rings.

Is this right? I heard you cannot do this is Islam. I have no attachment with the gifts but the idea of such act really disturbs me.

A few months have passed by since this has happened and I'm waiting on my mehr. But I have no guarantee that I will be given that either. How can I trust them after such act? I have been given a date on paper with signatures for when I will be given my mehr but I don't trust them.

How should I cope with this?


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  1. Same happened to me.m but I didn't even get my own personal belongings!!i kept telling my parents and I will tell you what they told me. ''They can have those stuff, what are stuff? Will those stuff make you happy? and why would you want there stuff?'' .....honestly I think for myself it would had made me felt worse if I had those stuff like my gold set and just memories I'm happy and I don't want anything not even the mehr I just want to be left along and inshallah Allah will make us better future

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