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My parents want me to marry a psychologically abusive man

I have told my parents everything about the guy I like, but they are forcing me to marry another.

What if our children will have genetic abnormalities?

I have lost interest in the man I’ve been engaged to for a long time, due to compatibility and concerns over the health of any children we may conceive.

Parents forced our marriage but I haven’t seen him for four years!

My parents keep saying things like “What are people going to say about us?”

I changed my mind after Istikhara but my parents are guilting me

A man proposed to me and I accepted, which made my parents happy. However, I prayed Istikhara, and now they are guilt-tripping me for changing my mind.

Husband treats me badly, I want my ex-boyfriend

After a seven year relationship with my ex, I got married to someone else. But I still have feelings for my boyfriend, and am stuck between the two.

I regret my decision to quell my parents’ insecurities and marry

My parents pressured me into marrying a man from America, but I am just not feeling it. He is boring and I see more of his flaws with every day that passes.

Am I being ungrateful if I refuse to meet a suitor?

My parents are pressuring me to get married by January, and I am worried about inviting Allah’s anger if I refuse to see or turn away certain men.

I can’t make my own choices

A while ago I met a non muslim girl who I befriended and we got along very nicely. Through me she got to know about Islam and she took real liking to it. After a while she said she would convert and we both wanted to get married. Her parents did not want her to convert, but left it to her to decide. convinced her dad that we shouldn’t get married.

I feel backed into a walI I’m thinking about suicide.

I’m a 20 year old young muslim man. My family is religious and i’ve grown up religious. I love god and hold true to my beliefs, and I want to do the right thing by it and have done my best to all my life. I am a student studying medicine. I recently about 4 or 5 months ago had to work with a muslim girl on a racial ethnicity project. This girl is really good, she’s religious, a great person, and from an awesome family.

Muslim Boyfriend Forced to Leave me by his Parents

My Muslim boyfriend and I have been in a serious and happy relationship for the past 1.5 years. I am a very decent Christian lady. I believe in marriage first before we can do anything (sexually). And he respected that. He treated me as a real lady and very gentleman towards me……