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Needing advice

He demands to still be a father to our child but has not financially supported our child since he left us.

What are his rights?

I am thinking to stop seeing him for once and all, unless he recognizes the child as his.. but I do not wish to take that step forcefully.

Child born from married ex-girlfriend

One of my friend living in France had a problem. He had a sexual relationship with a girl and she ended up pregnant. The girl was cheating and she has some other lover too.

My parents have forced me to give up my baby

I’m an 18 year old girl and basically made the mistake of getting myself pregnant with my boyfriend. I carried out the rest of my pregnancy locked upstairs in my bedroom, so no outside family members would see me pregnant. During this time I did a nikah with my boyfriend as I was told it was big gunah to give birth without being married. On the night I gave birth to my beautiful daughter, my parents took her away and placed her into social care.

My family does not practise Islam. How can I guide them?

My family is Muslim but non-religious. When I was 18, I met my husband and I researched Islam more and began to pray and fast. We married when I was 19. I am now 21 and I have just started to wear hijab, and my husband supports this alhamdulillah. I have two young children under the age of 2 and I wish for them to pray inshallah but how can my family be a positive influence if they do not pray or display a good example?