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My sister is sinning, what can I do

I know Allah keeps our own sins hidden for us, but my sister isn’t even religious and she won’t seek forgiveness.

Married man having desire to chat with other women

I have this strange desire to talk with girls, and this problem went on even before my marriage. I would normally talk for 2, 3 weeks, (it may include love talk also) then I would tell the girl I am married and stop replying to her messages.

We talk on the phone as ‘friends,’ is this halal?

I am practising to be a good muslim but I have a boyfriend. He has also turned religous. We don’t see each other and we just talk by texting is that allowed..

My husband keeps cheating on me, how can I forgive him?

Just before our wedding, my husband physically cheated on me, he apologized, said it was stress due to his mothers alcoholism so I forgave him. However, throughout our marriage, whenever I went on a holiday to see my parents, I found that he spoke to women online etc, but I have forgiven him every time (4 times till now).

Phone Nikkah: legal or illegal?

Is Nikkah/marriage allowed on phone allowed in Islam and is considered halal in the eyes of Allah (swt)?

He hasn’t contacted me for 2 weeks! Should I call him?

I am from west part of Africa, all my life have dream of marrying an Arab man or half Arab. Actually I have my reasons for this, I don’t know why but I never have had any deisre for black men…

Husband is acting suspiciously and I dont trust him

Once againe i have to ask your advise regarding my suspicious the thing is i wrote to this web site telling everything is OK after he came back from haj he is changed the thing is he is still loving as always and helpful towards me but still i cant help checking his call log cause he never admitted about what went on and still on the call logs there are calls between him and his cousin now they are calls in the land line numbers not the mobile were one can trace it.