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My sister is sinning, what can I do



I am a 16 year old girl and my sister is a almost a year younger than me. We ended up in the same year in school so we have the same group of friends, I'm the quiet and smart one while she's loud and more fun. She is not allowed her phone because she used to make fake profiles and catfish people (later found out she still does) and I'm the one who got her phone off her because my parents are not really strict and have never gave us punishments.

I recently found out she had three different phone in the past 9 months since I took her phone last year and that a boy she told me she rejected has actually been her boyfriend all this time. Everyone knew about the phone and her boyfriend but she told them to lie for her by portraying me as a controlling and possessive sister who has no life and is obsessed with hers. She used to literally talk about me saying that she hated me and that I ruined her life and then she'd come to me and act like a normal sister. Even my own friends who I spend the most time with knew and are on her side and tell her that it's her life etc. But after finding out we never mention it and avoid it, me because I can't argue with them or I'd have no friends.

When I found her phone while going to school she ran to school and avoided me all day. When she came back home late as always she told me she just threw it in the bin and later admitted that she had a boyfriend and he bought her the phone. I then find out she had another one and this time it was at home so my dad had to force her to give it to him but it was locked. She finally let me go through her snapchat after weeks of fights.

My parents know about the boyfriend but they never fully believe it because they don't want it to be true and they can never be strict with her. Although it is not allowed in Islam, I didn't judge her because of her boyfriend. I did because of who the boyfriend is. He gets drunk and smokes weed. I go through her convos with him and I find out she did smoke with him and she sent nudes and talked dirty with him multiple times. She told him to screenshot the pics and it seemed like she did things with him in real life too. He never encouraged once to do all theae things.

Only Allah knows how ashamed I felt of my own sister. She says she regrets it but it seems she only regrets it because her boyfriend could use the nudes against her, not because of how wrong it is. I haven't told my parents about it and even though I feel like they won't do anything, I wonder what I should according to Islamic behaviour. Should I tell them or not? I know Allah keeps our own sins hidden for us, but my sister isn't even religious )although she thinks she is) and she won't seek forgiveness.


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  1. Aslamualaikum sis,

    As you can figue out that this is all because you and your family is far away from islam. First make sure for your self that you would not like to give such life to ur childrens and would like to marry a person who is nice and islamic rather than chosing richer and modern guy who follow the same as your sisters boy.

    Secondly, I my views you must tell your parents about these becuase your sisters these sin will also become cause of punishment for you parents bec they have not shown her right path. And if you think they will not take any action then u must do something.

    I will suggest tofnot to take advice from random people on this. Take advice from some mufti sahib.. I said mufti sahib not molvi hazrat... mufti who is good in his deed as I follow mufti akmal.

    He can advise you better than anyone here..also change your self for islam.
    May ALLAB bless you.. ameen


  2. Involve your parents, show them some of her chats and let them deal with it. She could end up in serious trouble if she continues this way. They are older and know the world better. Don't take them to be softies only.
    On your part, you must pray to Allah SWT to guide your whole family. Start listening to islamic lectures out loud at home and discussing a few of the positive things you hear in them when the family is together, say at dinnertime. Be a good girl and an example for your other sibs.

  3. Write a letter to your parents ....that when she comes pregnant I warne you. ...I am no longer babysitting her so l am letting you know....Has 4 your sister write that I am no lnger watching out for u... but I will say..Those who disobey Allah and teachings of prophet Muhammad PBUH. .They are cursed I this world and punishment will come when Allah wants it to happen...So beware

  4. fear comes from heart
    her heart is dead

    i can suggest daily you read hadees of hell
    there are lots of hadees about hell description in detail
    what happens of shamelessness

    she will remember at any one time sinning
    oh this sin has this effect in hell

    then automatically she will seek forgiveness herlself
    you will be true brother

    better inform parents about the situation

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