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Brother gets hyper sometimes behaves like a mad man

Please advise me some dua for his treatment.

I hope my sister dies

I am 12. She is 18 and my mum wants her out her life she is useless!! IM CRYING EVERYDAY CAUSE OF HER


I have to live with the person I hate the most (my sister) under the same roof, where she gets to have things her way. And there’s nothing I can do about it.

My sister is sinning, what can I do

I know Allah keeps our own sins hidden for us, but my sister isn’t even religious and she won’t seek forgiveness.

I don’t know whether Allah will forgive me or not?

I was 13… I am too much ashamed of it.

Confused Sibling Marriage

This in regards to marriage about a sibling I love most. This sibling uterus sister and has shared the same womb. The girl was born by zinah and I was taken as a child and have shared no milk from my mother even once as I was adopted by a well to do family.