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Troubling Sister

Our parents are helpless. They can’t control her.

I cry everyday

My family started slowly not really talking to each other…

My sister is sinning, what can I do

I know Allah keeps our own sins hidden for us, but my sister isn’t even religious and she won’t seek forgiveness.

I want to save my marriage and my relationship with in-laws from my sister

I want her to stay far far away from my hubby and in-laws. Because she’s good at playing with words I fear she’ll spoil my relations with my in-laws too.

My sister is being rude to almost everyone!

My sister is very sinful.We tried Taveez, Duas, Jinn Test… We even tried being nice to her. Please help.

I am afraid to lose him?

I like my cousin. His mom will come for proposal. But my eldest sister will make a huge mess if any proposal would come… How can I take a stand?

We are having a conflict with my sister…

What should I do-cut her out of our lives if she continues with this man? Or just support her regardless of her decision?