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Swapping school for caretaking my sick wife

We would fight often. It was later diagnosed that she was under the influence. She could see things. She got possessed. Either it was that, or she was schizophrenic. I started taking extra, extra care of her.

Has someone sent a jinn into me?

Ever since that day I’ve been feeling tired a lot and when I sleep I wake up with my body and bones hurting…

Tortured and suicidal

I want to go to sleep and never wake up again.

I think I’m possessed by a Jinn

My mind feels blank. I’ve started feeling angry and hating everyone – I feel like I want to be left alone all the time. I keep seeing things which are not really there… Am I possessed?

While I’m Sleeping Some Evil Spirits Enter my body


I am very worried about my condition. It’s been like three times at night. While I’m sleeping, some thing enters in my body. For me it was a dream but it feels like its happening in real. I feel like somebody put kilos of weight on body, I can’t move myself even I tried to read ayatal kursi and some other duas but that spirit or whatever don’t let me do that.

Are my symptoms signs of possession?

I started dating this really bad guy whom I believe is a demon due to the things he does and he’s a non Muslim who doesn’t even have God in his life. I then started to get sick out of nowhere and was diagnosed with anxiety and it got really bad, I was on many types of medication