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Are my symptoms signs of possession?

I believe I’m possessed and its been for a while, ever since I was young I‘ve done a lot of sis growing up which I believe has to do with the shaitan...

I’m 22 and growing up my father was very abusive towards me and the rest of my family. We are Muslims and grew up practicing it and my dad it came to a point where he would stop praying so it made me grow older to not take my religion seriously.

I started dating this really bad guy whom I believe is a demon due to the things he does and he’s a non Muslim who doesn't even have God in his life. I then started to get sick out of nowhere and was diagnosed with anxiety and it got really bad, I was on many types of medication (antidepressants) it helped a little and then it just kept getting worse.

When spending a night a my boyfriend’s house I would hear animal noises and I once felt something smack me in the face.  It was the worst and I’m crying as I’m writing this.

I got all kinds of tests done like a cat scan of my head , an EKG, blood work and all it all came out normal. The symptoms kept getting worse:  chronic head tightness and chronic insomnia - not being able to sleep at all.

My family and friends don’t take me seriously when I tell them how I feel, but it’s more than serious. The only thing I can think of causing this is evil spirits.

I’ve started to pray 5 times a day it has help me but I’m still not really able to sleep , I just want it all to be over!  I know insha Allah everything will be over when Allah wills :((

Can any one please give me any feed back on what you think please...

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  1. AA;

    Well, it seems like you are on the right track. You are praying 5 times a day now, start fasting Monday and Thursday, NO MORE BOY FRIEND, and read more Quran and be with good Muslims. Just cause your family lost the path, does not mean you should too. Inshallah ALLAH will bless you and they will all go back to the right path because of you. But you have to start with yourself and inshallah it will all come together.

    May ALLAH guide us, grant us patience, and shower us with his mercy.

    If I am correct, it is from ALLAH. If I err it is from me, and I pray ALLAH forgives me.

  2. Look sister I also pray 5 times a day and have problem of insomnia but that has nothing to do with sallah its a kind of sleeping disorder ull either get out of it other get used to it

  3. Dear little Sister, Asalaamualaykum,

    I am not in a position to diagnose you, i.e. I am not a doctor or a qualified Imam, but I do not think you are possessed or that your boyfriend is possessed - although he may be a bad person. At the same time, I also think you are alittle obsessed with blaming everything on the 'Boogie man' when what you really need to do is look at your own behaviour. I would have recommended you see your Doctor to check if you have any mental health issues, but you have already done this.

    I believe that when we do not protect ourselves as Allah(swt) has told us to, we leave ourselves vulnerable to being teased by evil jinn. It is important to remember though that nothing happens unless Allah(swt) Wills it to, so the fact that you are experiencing these strange things when you are sinning, could be taken as a warning sign or a wake up call by you.

    As your big Sister, insha'Allah you will trust me and take heed of my advice:

    1. First things first - stop seeing your boyfriend. It is absolutely haraam and forbidden to have boy/girlfriends in Islam, so this means you quit all physical relations with him, you quit being emotionally intimiate with him and you distance yourself from him immediately. Click on this link to read an article on the severity of having haraam relationships:

    2. Now my little Sis, take some time out and meditate. I want you to close your eyes and think about the following statements and questions: 'What am I doing with my life? What do I want to achieve? Yes, dad was bad to my family and I as we were growing up, but I don't want my past to ruin my future. I don't want dad's abuse to define my future, I want to be free of that. I want to live a dignified life as a Muslim woman and so be pure and clean and be loved by Allah(swt). I will strive to save my soul through obedience to Allah.'

    3. Do Tawbah. This is vital. You want to stop having frightening experiences, you want to feel mentally better, so purify yourself by turning back to Allah(swt), as all spiritual healing is with Allah(swt). Read this link on doing turning back to Allah and purifying yourself:

    4. Apart from praying the obligatory Salaah, there are other acts of worship that we have been recommended to do. There is no sin on us if we don't do them, but they are highly recommended and bring with them many rewards. One of them is to do dhikr every morning and evening as this presentation will show you. Please click on this link for more than 15 beautiful duas for you to speak to Allah with:

    A few that I would like to specifically point out to you for seeking refuge with Allah from shaytan are these:

    - Ayatul Kursi every night before sleeping, as when Ubbay(ra) asked an evil jinn: “What will save us from you? He said, ‘Ayatul Kursi which is in Surah al-Baqarah. He who reads it at night will be saved from our evil till the morning and he who reads it in the morning will be saved from our evil till the night’. And the Messenger of Allah(sws) confirmed that the evil one had spoken the truth.

    - The last three Surahs of the Quran before sleeping every night as Aisha(ra) reported that whenever the Prophet(sws) went to bed every night, he used to cup his hands together and blow over them after reciting surah Al-Ikhlas, Surah Al-Falaq and Surah An-Nas and then rub his hands over whatever parts of his body he was able to rub, starting with his head, face and front of his body. He used to do that three times. [Bukhari]

    - Ibn Umar(ra) said: “The Messenger of Allah(sws) used not to miss these supplications in the evening or in the morning...” [Collected by Ahmed, Abu Dawood, an-Nasai’ & Ibn Majah. It was classified as Saheeh by al-Hakim, ibn Hibban, an-Nawawi, Ibn Baaz & al-Albaani] One of the duas being: "O Allah, I seek Your forgiveness and Your protection in this world and the next. O Allah, I seek Your forgiveness and Your protection in my religion, in my worldly affairs, in my family and in my wealth. O Allah, conceal my secrets and preserve me from anguish . O Allah , guard me from what is in front of me and behind me , from my left , and from my right , and from above me . I seek refuge in Your Greatness from being struck down from beneath me."

    - Abu Hurairah(ra) narrated that a man came to the Prophet(sws) and said, “O Messenger of Allah! Yesterday I was bitten by a scorpion.” The Prophet(sws) said to him, “Had you said when you reached the evening: "I seek refuge in the Perfect Words of Allah from the evil of what He has created, you would not have been harmed.” [Saheeh Muslim 2709]


    My dear little Sister, you will be ok insha'Allah. Just keep yourself pure by remembering Allah and doing what pleases Him and abstain from what displeases him.

    SisterZ Editor

  4. I agree with "Just a Man". Why would you date a boyfriend who you believe is evil? In Islam we are not supposed to have boyfriends and girlfriends at all. So you need to reform your behavior and make a sincere tawbah.

    Beyond this, it sounds like you may be suffering from mental illness. Visual and auditory hallucinations are a common symptom of schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. You really need to discuss this with your doctor and tell him/her about the hallucinations, especially if it gets worse. The right medication could cure your symptoms and let you live a normal and happy life, Insha'Allah.

    Wael Editor

  5. I would strongly recommend seeing a imam, ask him of his view and tell him your full story, it is possible for you to be possesed, equally as much as it is not, so to be sure talk to your imam and ask him to guide you, furthermore before going to sleep recite 'ya Allah, al madat' x101 and sleep on your right hand side, inshaAllah you will see a difference and see what the imam says aswell.

    • Kelvenater,

      It is highly recommended to avoid having Ruqyah done by anyone, it is not sinful, but there is more reward in healing oneself through trusting Allah by doing the recommended acts of ibaadah instead - because trusting Allah alone is a sign of Tawakkul. Hence Allah's Apostle(sws) said, "Seventy thousand people of my followers will enter Paradise without accounts, and they are those who do not practice Ar-Ruqya and do not see an evil omen in things, and put their trust in their Lord."

      Also: Narrated Ibn 'Abbas: "The Prophet once came out to us and said, "Some nations were displayed before me. A prophet would pass in front of me with one man, and another with two men, and another with a group of people and another with nobody with him. Then I saw a great crowd covering the horizon and I wished that they were my followers, but it was said to me, 'This is Moses and his followers.' Then it was said to me, 'Look'' I looked and saw a big gathering with a large number of people covering the horizon. It was said, "Look this way and that way.' So I saw a big crowd covering the horizon. Then it was said to me, "These are your followers, and among them there are 70,000 who will enter Paradise without (being asked about their) accounts. " Then the people dispersed and the Prophet did not tell who those 70,000 were. So the companions of the Prophet started talking about that and some of them said, "As regards us, we were born in the era of heathenism, but then we believed in Allah and His Apostle . We think however, that these (70,000) are our offspring." That talk reached the Prophet who said, "These (70,000) are the people who do not draw an evil omen from (birds) and do not get treated by branding themselves and do not treat with Ruqya, but put their trust (only) in their Lord." then 'Ukasha bin Muhsin got up and said, "O Allah's Apostle! Am I one of those (70,000)?" The Prophet said, "Yes." Then another person got up and said, "Am I one of them?" The Prophet said, " 'Ukasha has anticipated you."


      SisterZ Editor

  6. assalam alikum,
    dont involve with any other boy in future, there is no meaning of such things. follow the path of prophet muhammad (saw) and pray to allah, so that u will have a better life.
    khuda hafiz

  7. AOA Sister,

    You can download the book on Jinns and shatan from The jinns /shatan dont like the quran. So if start reading the quran on a daily basis it should cause you to be protected. I would start with listening to the reitsation of the quran. The best thing to do is download quran reciter from it is free and play surah bakrah (2nd chapter of thequran on reguler basis when you are in your room. Sister make book of Allah your freind and shatan will run miles away from you. Jinns will be frustrated if they are inyour body. If they are in your body they will fight you so you will need to get physical help from a shikh that can guide you. Beacause the shatan can trick you in many ways, and jinns will any you if they are in your body if you listen to quran or read quran on reguler basis. The book will tell you what chapters to read from the quran.

    • the book is called how to protect yourself from Jinn and Shaitan

      Chapter Two: Possession (by Jinn) its fact and treatment 47 Definition of Sar' (possession by Jinn)..., 47 Proofs of confirmation of Sar' 48 The position of doctors with regards to Sar' 56 The legitimacy of the treatment of Sar' (Exorcism)..... „ 58 Reasons of Jinn's possession of humans 63 How does a Jinn enter the body of a human, and where does he/she settle?.... .-...., 65 Symptoms of the Jinn's possession of humans 65 Types of Jinn possession of humans 67 Characteristics of a healer (exorcist) 68 The method of healing 69 Unlawful methods in exorcism 126 Guidance for the protection from Sar' 129

  8. try a phase approach, you dont know if this is an illness or posession:

    try these:

    Putting your hand on your forehead and recite: “Allahumma Rabban-Nass, Adh-hibil-Ba’ss Washfi Anta-Shaafi La shifa’an illa shifa’uk Shifa’an La Ughadiru Saqaman” (Bukhari) "O Lord of the people, remove this pain and cure it, You are the one who cures and there is no one besides You who can cure, grant such a cure that no illness remains".

    Putting your hand on the painful area and recite the 3 Quls. (Ikhlass, Falaq, Annass) (Bukhari)

    For Evil Eye: You never know:

    Putting your hand on your forehead and say: “Bismillahi Yubreek Min Kulli Daa’in Yashfeek Wa Min Sharri Hassidin Idha Hassad Wa Min Sharri Kulli Dhi ‘Ayn (Muslim).”(“In the name of Allaah, may He make you well and may He cure you from every ill, from the evil of the jealous when they envy, and from the harm of the evil eye.”)[62]

    See how you feel after the above...if not then try something else...let us know how you get on

  9. Black Magic and Satanic Possession

    My brother after returning from a trip starting acting very strange. He would say weird

    things and now doesn't talk to anyone at all. He has been sitting outside for 2 months now. He has even spit on our mother. At first we thought there was something psychologically wrong with him. However when we took him to a mental doctor he talks as if he is fine. We think he is either possessed by a Jinn or some magic was done to him.
    How can you tell if someone is possessed or if magic was done to them?
    How do you remove it? My mother is getting very sick over this.
    raise be to Allaah

    People who have had experience with such situations have related that the following are among the signs of a person who is possessed by jinn (or Satan):

    Strong repulsion when hearing Qur’aan or Aathaan (call for prayers).

    Episodes of losing consciousness and/or epileptic attacks, especially when Qur’aan is recited for the possessed person.

    Frequent nightmares during sleep.

    Tendency to avoid people accompanied by out-of-the-norm behavior.

    The jinn who possesses him might speak when Qur’aan is recited for the possessed person.

    Madness, as stated in the Qur’aan (interpretation of the meaning): "Those who devour usury will not stand except as stands one whom Satan by his touch hath driven to [epileptic] madness…"2:275

    As for a person struck by magic he might experience the following:

    Dislike of one’s spouse, as indicated in the Qur’aan by the following verse (interpretation of the meaning): "And from these (angels) people learn that by which they cause separation between a man and his wife..." (Al-Baqarah, 2:102).

    Different attitude in the house from that which is outside the house. For example, a person will feel that he is missing his family when is outside the house but when he goes home, love changes quickly to extreme hatred.

    Inability to have sexual intercourse with one’s spouse.

    Frequent miscarriage for pregnant women.

    Sudden change in behavior without obvious reason.

    Complete loss of appetite for food.

    Thinking or imagining one has done something when in reality one has not.

    Sudden obedience and/or love for a particular person.

    It should be noted that if a person experiences some of the above symptoms this does not necessarily mean that he is either possessed by a jinn or struck by black magic. It might be due to physiological or psychological reasons.

    As for curing this condition the following steps are recommended:

    Putting one’s trust in Allah with sincere belief that He is the only cure for everything.

    Reading Qur’aan and known supplications expressing seeking refuge, the most important and effective of which is sura 113 and 114, Al-Falaq and Al-Naas, which were used to cure the Prophet himself. Surah 112, Al-Ikhlaas, is recommended along with them, as well as the opening chapter of the Qur’aan, Al-Fatihah. To cure black magic some have successfully used seven lotus-tree leaves. The leaves should be crushed, then mixed them with water enough for taking a bath. The following verses from the Qur’aan are then recited: verse Al-Kursi (2:255), surah Al-Kafiroon (109), surah 112, 113, 114; the verses which mention magic, which are: in surah Al-Baqarah (2:102), Al-A’raaf (3:117-119), Yunus (10:79-82), and Taha (20:65-69). The possessed person drinks some of the water, and the rest is used to give him a bath.

    Removing the elements of magic as was done by the Prophet when he was struck by black magic by a Jewish man called Lubaid Ben Al-‘Aasim.

    Eating seven Aa’liya Al-Barniy dates (among the dates of Al-Madinah) first thing in the morning; if not possible, any dates will suffice, by the will of Allaah.

    Cupping--removing excess blood.


    And we ask Allaah to cure your brother and ease your hardship and his, as He is the One who cures and there is no one else who can cure.

    Islam Q&A
    Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid

  10. aselam aleykumsister! wellahii i had the very similar problems. even a lot more than what you write. however, after 10 years. suffering, allah gave me afiya. all energies belong to allah. allah can everything.without the help of creation.
    here some points helps me you can do everyday
    1. pray selat on time
    2. cover your hair
    3. do not listen music
    4.say bismillah before you touch or do something.
    5. do not eat haram food.also, do not lie
    6 do hayatel ruqya for yourself or let some body do for you..if you do not know how to do .. go to internet... youtube site and type "quraanic protection from jinn and bad spirit " , you will see hundred ways of hayatul ruqiya reciting..
    7.whenever you listen a sound, turn your face to the left and say auuzubilahi minel shetuan nirejiim and spite three time . eshi allah.. allah will show you his miracles.

  11. Masha Allah. what amazing responses you all have. Viva Islam and muslims.

  12. many of the responses to the original question were sad and funny. First, having a boyfriend or girlfriend doesn't cause a person to become possessed. LOL!!! the inference of that is seriously twisted.

    It sounds like this girl has some serious mental issues. She clearly states that she is dating someone she thinks is a demon!!!! REALLY?? That is a big clue that this girl needs to see a psychologist or psychiatrist. Considering someone a demon is the first step toward schizophrenia. It's a devastating disease and sad that this girl is displaying this type of behavior.

    A normal, reasonable person does not consider another human being "a demon". Secondly, it sounds to me that this girl was having alot of fun with her boyfriend and is now experience "buyer's remorse". she is conflicted with guilt for participating in acts with him (i.e possibly sexual acts). She has internalized all that conflicted guilt and it is manifesting itself. ( there is the part of her that enjoyed doing those so called forbidden things and then there the part of her that feels its wrong. hence the conflict).

    Instead of going online and speaking to minimally and non educated religious people who will simply respond in strange ways she would be better off seeing a doctor, opening up and talking about the things she has done. She also needs to identify what she likes and doesn't like then come to terms with herself.

    she also needs to keep faith in God. pray and just be herself. God knows we are weak and flawed human beings. God will protect her all she has to do is ask. No special rituals, no magic tricks, no magical incantations. Just ask "God protect me" and it will be so. anything else is innovation and evil. Special rituals is magic and magic is sin

    • Brother
      She asked for islamic advice in an islamic website.
      I don't mean to offend you. Your last para made alot of sense to me.
      In Islamic cultures, schizophrenia, bipolar etc have a more culture influenced DSM -5 manual for mental illnesses. We believe Jinns are responsible for mental illnesses. When someone is under magic spell, they see their spouse as if they're seeing a demon. The hardware is all the same, but its just the facial makeup seems like there's a whole another spirit and personality entirely. There has been numerous cases in the exorcist's diaries and I have witnessed this firsthand enough never to question it. You need to see it to actually believe it, so I understand where the skepticism is coming from.

      In mental illnesses, while its true that there is the past cognitive dissonance coming back to haunt us but please do not judge her this way. Its bad enough to be haunted in this way, she doesn't need to feel awful for what she clearly can't change anymore. She is trying to be better by acknowledging her past mistakes. Be more encouraging. If being islamic is what she wants, then maybe God guided her to a path different to what she followed. Every son of Adam sins and the best of them are those who repent sincerely.

      I agree we are weak and flawed. I agree about prayers and learning about ourselves to be sure of ourselves. However, Ruqya is not a magic ritual. A magic ritual involves blashpemy while ruqya is meant purely for healing. It involves no sacrilege of religious texts, as that indeed is a great sin. If there was no ruqya patients would never find relief in demonic oppression cases. So please be culturally sensitive and do not misunderstand our religious guidance. Its meant for humanity's benefit. Peace.

  13. Salaamualeikum

    Sister you have to make a lot of dua ask Allah to help and guide you.
    And believe youˋll get help.
    Dont get involved with those who do magic thats forbidden. And a great misschief

    Allah is the Responder to prayers. Al Mujib.
    read quran in your in your language,...
    learn the meaning of 99names of Allah and you will find Him very Merciful.
    And so you can call upon him with those names

    They told me to read surah ichlaas ,felak and nas x7 times a day
    and to take wudu. Always to try to stay in a state of wudu
    pray 5times
    And to do dikr

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