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Has someone sent a jinn into me?

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Asalamu Aleykum,

My name is Majuma and lately I've been getting headaches that last about 10-15 minutes. Before these headaches started to occur one day my family and I were getting quran read on us then suddenly I started to feel week and then I just fainted then I started crying after that it was screaming and trying to fight people during all this the people were still reading quran. I've always been around the quran it feels weird that my body started acting like this but I think someone sent a jinn into me I don't know why. But ever since that day I've been feeling tired alot and when I sleep I wake up with my body and bones hurting even if I sleep on my right side. When my headaches occur I can't even focus right I start to feel weak and it hurts so bad I just want to cry. I don't know what to do at this point because I pray and I read quran and I'm still like this but please if anyone can give me some good advice I would be happy


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  1. You will have to do two things

    number one
    get in contact with a religious figure

    who has experience in dealing with ghosts and jinns

    let him come into your house and put special prayers around the house

    but make sure the religious figure does not ask for any money

    any religious figure who gets rid of ghosts but ask for money is a fraud

    Number two

    Go seek help from a psychiatrist
    It is also possible you could be having hallucinations

    You will be handling the problem from the faith aspect
    and the medical/psychological aspect

    Good luck

  2. As salamualikum
    I am so sorry to read this and may Allah grant you shifa and everyone going through this .
    If it is a jinn possession case then it is an Emergency !!!!
    The first thing you need to do is get in contact with authentic Raqi . Anyone who asks your mothers name , asks for clothes or any of your personal belonging is not the right person to help. Just run away from such a raqi they will do more harm .
    Meanwhile you search for a raqi , you have to be very strong and patient and keep your self on straight path . These jinn take a toll on your iman and they will try every possible way to destroy your iman . This might be a form of test for you and you have to ACE it in anyway possible inn sha Allah . With efforts and time you will be cured but please do hold on your faith very very strong. Read Quran even if you dont feel like .There are few things you need to do till you get in contact with a Raqi

    Read 5 prayers on prescribed time
    Read surah baqrah once daily
    Morning and evening azkar are must
    Listen to authetic ruqaya everyday
    Take bath with sidr leaves for 7 days
    Apply itar (arabic perfume) before sleeping
    Stop listening to music at All

    And just ask Allah for cure and he will show you the way but please do not take it lightly nor just revolve your life around this . Whatever it is get it diagnosed . There is a world of unseen that some of us have to fight with . Stay strong and ask your family for help .
    May Allah make it easy for you.

    • A.S, beautiful advise brother, Mashallah! Do you know the editor Wael doesn't believe in Jinn Possession and a lot of Muslims too.

      • I was the same before until it happened with me . I was shocked beyond words when i got to know this . I am a medical doctor myself so i always attributed my conditions to being psychological or physiological. The earlier you get this jinn possession diagonsed the easier it is to treat.
        There is no denying that no harm befalls you except by the will of Allah , but possession can complicate your life.
        Any one reading this i would like to say as you hear prevention is better than cure. Take special care of your 5 prayers , morning and evening azkar , read some portion of Quran dailyand a big NO to music. Stay away from innovations and have a strong faith in Allah .

        • I'm glad you said that, brother. And you know what, It really hurts me that this Wael is allowing anybody to answer these questions. This is Allah's kalam and the Prophets(Peace be upon them) and Sahabas (May Allah be pleased with them) have shed their blood and given their lives for this, but here we see people playing around Allah's kalam like it's some kind of game.

  3. Salam,

    You may have a medical condition that needs to be looked into. You may have just needed a breath of fresh air when in the room of people reading out loud.

  4. Salam..Don't worry and never worry or think of anything that is negative.Be always positive. ..first of all we must be aware of any haram that we are doing or unaware....EG. movies foods clothes socializing with opposite sex strangers interest backbiting etc........because when we do bad stuff and read quran it curses us....besides this majority of peoplease have problems with body pain headaches nightmares anger sexually active etc.....My advice is listen to MANZIL YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE APP AND LISTEN MORNING AND NIGHT FOR A FEW DAYS BUT ATLEAST ONCE A NIGHT...IT IS ONLY 15 MIN LONG ..THESE ARE SELECTED DUAS FROM THE PROPHET TO CURE ANY JINN EFFECT OR BLK MAJIC....KEEP IN MIND WE MUST NOT LET ANYBODY DO ANYTHING ON YOU UNLESS HE IS A FULL SUNNI SCHOLOR AND HAFIZ OF QURAN.HE MUST BE PIOUS AND MODEST...BECAUSE THERE ALOT OF FRAUDS AND EVIL PEOPLE OUT THERE! !!!BE PATIENT AND LEARN YOUR DEEN PROPERLY. ...THERE IS A SPECIALIST IN ISLAMIC EXORCISM. .JUST GO ON YOU TUBE AND TYPE DIARIES OF A EXORCISM PART 1...THIS WILL EDUCATE YOU ...NEVER BE Scared because that what it feeds on know your Allah properly. Salam

  5. Listen ruqeyah it will cure you completely .. InshaAllah ... A cost free and best to get rid of this you can also have it online

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