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Is this punishment?

I broke a vow. Now I am broken. Many times I have thought about suicide…

Has someone sent a jinn into me?

Ever since that day I’ve been feeling tired a lot and when I sleep I wake up with my body and bones hurting…

Should I leave my good job / life for full-time Quran studies?

I may come back to nothing… On other hand, if I don’t take up the opportunity to study now I may regret deeply.

I do not want to go to Jannah anymore because I am discouraged and feel guilty

“None of you believes till he loves a brother for himself”. What if you do not feel that way about a Muslim?

Are the Hadeeths really from Allah? – CLOSED

I have been Muslim for only 3 months. I have a few questions about the Hadeeths.

I prayed to Allah and received the best gift

I know my parents will not accept my fiance for what his background is, which is half Arab and half black. My family is a bit racist. Does anybody have any advice or anything in the Quran that states ethnicity in marriage?

Using quran ayats to brainwash

My marriage is at the verge of its end because of my father in law. What does Allah say about such people who disrespect quran ayats?

Can’t read Quran properly

How can I increase my mental capacity so I could read Quran with ease without mistakes and pauses?

Dua from Surah 25

I was wondering if a female can make this dua as well?

Was our nikah legal or not?

As you can understand, me or my husband didn’t read anything from the koran or make any dua (of course now we are doing that), but probably the imam did (I don’t know that). Can we still read something with the meaning it is for our nikah?