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Anger towards Allah

I don’t know where to start. My life is getting worse and worse.

My husband doesn’t have much money and I’m suffering

My problem is that after the marriage I noticed that the salary of my husband is not enough for my living standard. Of course before marriage I knew he wasn’t rich, but I didn’t expect all these sacrifices. I don’t want a rich life but we are far to have a decent one

My husband will not work

i am a girl of 23 yrs old got married last year. now i have one child a baby boy. my problem is my husband not active do plan or do something better for us.

Controlling sister and extreme poverty

Now I only think it’s been 8 years Allah is listening but not doing anything to solve the problem, why Allah has made her our God? She is controlling us like a God.

I have no one – who will help me financially?

I am desperate so i cry and ask another but again they ignore me. Is there a rich Muslim i can ask for help? Is there someone willing to cover my living expenses temporarily and help me sort out my life?

My life has become a labyrinth of debt and despair

As much as I want to die, I fear everything death entails. I often find myself questioning my faith. I definitely don’t want Hell but neither do I want Jannah. I only want to escape my useless, dysfunctional life.