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I have no one – who will help me financially?

empty wallet, poor

No money.

I facing difficulties after difficulties. Everybody needs somebody but i have nobody. If i cannot work i wont have nothing but accumulated debt and pathetic life. I now begging again for welfare of 300 for 3rd month but the department are busy to answer. Who can i ask? nobody. I have asked some people rich person but the staff reject my emails and mock me.

Where can i get a loan or help of few thousands so i get solve my problems? If somebody wants to know me personally and be helpful friend in need. But i dont need words that do not pay my food, my outstanding rent, my debt, my phone bill, my transport card, etc.

Nice words do not help. Sincere acts to know me and generosity may help. I am desperate but people who i ask for help are all desperate to hate. The staff said the rich dont help individual with few thousands, only foundation for millions. I only need one help. But each i ask reject me.

I am desperate so i cry and ask another but again they ignore me. Is there a rich Muslim i can ask for help? Is there someone willing to cover my living expenses temporarily and help me sort out my life? My parents are dead. I am divorced and half century old. I have nobody and relatives who has no care to know my problems.

- jixo

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  1. Assalaamu Alaykum,

    It would be helpful to explain why you aren't able to work currently. Needless to say, employment is the main source of finance for anyone. If someone is unable to work, then any resources available would be dependent on the reason why (lack of childcare? Disability? Remote location with little jobs available?)

    Getting a few thousand to cover immediate expenses is not a feasible longterm solution because your rent and utlities will come due again, the food will be consumed and more will need to be bought, and transport cards need recharging after they expire. I don't know very many people who are exempt from having serious financial struggles from time to time. Some of us even have to give up the apartment etc, and go into a homeless shelter until we can find another way forward.

    Instead of looking at outside funding sources as the solution to your problem, consider your inner rresourcefulness and ingenuity to help ease things. Are there crafts or hobbies you have that could possibly generate small amounts of cash on the side? Are there people in the community who may need help with something and be generous enough to pay you a small sum for it? Allah will always make a way forward when we rely on Him and do our best to be industrious.

    This may sound silly, but it's still a valid suggestion: consider seeking to remarry. Even if you're 50, there are single men who are out there who are looking to spend the rest of their lives with someone. It's still a fact that being married to someone is an ease in so many ways than trying to struggle by oneself; but for women in particular it also brings financial security which is what you need. I think that having a meaningful partnership with someone who cares about you may also help lift your spirit and outlook on life, in shaa Allah.

    -Amy Editor

  2. Marriage should not be a solution. If you marry for this reason you may pick the wrong person out of desperation. It would be better to marry when you are in a better place in life and can choose to marry for the right reasons to have a loving spouse and share your life together with someone. Too many women marry for financial stability and this is unhealthy as many women get abused and have little power over their lives.
    You need to go back to college or try to work and be independent . It is the only way things will improve. Pray often and rely on Allah and then take the steps to find work or go to college and earn a degree in a field you would like to earn in. You cannot rely on others to help you so stop looking to others for help except those who may be family and can help you get stable.
    Marriage is the easy way out. It is not a good idea. Women need an education on how to pick a good spouse and how to protect themselves. If we rely on marriage for our financial needs we are more vulnerable and can not make choices. Depend only on Allah and yourself which will take some time to get decent work and may be hard but you can do it. If later a good spouse comes a long then that is ok and much more natural and its better for two spouses then to help each other but as long as th two are married not out of desperation especially a woman.
    May Allah ease your hard times.

  3. i am female 30 years old i need help financially

    • ambreen, I'm sorry but we do not allow posting private contact information nor personal appeals for money on this forum. You need to go to any registered charity that can help you, Insha'Allah.

      Wael Editor

  4. I'm Zubair Ali
    I'm disabled my right leg amputated up to knee in an accident.I'm living in rental home I'm home less man living with own family my income system is zero with my disability problem.
    Please help me

  5. salaam .i am nawaz i am leaving dubai i am deep finanaial problem my wife and me 7 year no going home country my visa fine problem help me plz

  6. I'm really sorry, but I cannot respect the fact that you are rudely dismissive of our words before we've even written them to you, but, at the same time, feel no shame to basically beg for our money (begging is haram to do, by the way), or to lead you to "rich people" you can beg for money from. I cannot respect that you're clearly feeling entitled to people's money, and even make it sound like people are cruel for not giving you their hard-earned cash. Why should they, honestly? People have their own problems to deal with, their own families to provide for, their own mortgages, rents and expenses to pay for...they are not responsible for you and your expenses, my friend.

    I think you really need to change your attitude and start looking for viable solutions to your financial problems, instead of feeling like a victim stuck in a financial hole. I'm sorry for being harsh, seem to be a bit clueless about how the world works. Besides, you mention you receive welfare. If your welfare doesn't cover your expenses, you might want to reevaluate your lifestyle and consider if you can change anything to make the welfare stretch out better. Is your rental too expensive? Can you find a cheaper place to live? Can you advertise for a room mate? Having a room mate can lift a big financial burden, you know. Can you commute by walking or biking instead of going by bus or train? Can you switch to a cheaper phone company? Can you buy cheaper food? Or even get it for free by going through supermarkets' bins? Supermarkets and bakeries often throw perfectly good food out, and I personally know lots of people (that can afford to buy everything themselves) that grab the disposed food simply because they don't like food waste. There's no shame in doing it, especially if you don't have money...

    Another issue I see is your loans. Why are you taking loan after loan - and even wanting to take on more loans - when you know you have no money to pay them back? That's absurd and not a very smart thing to do. Do you want to be in debt and a slave to the bank and the system for the rest of your life? You need to stop borrowing money, and you need to talk to the people you already do owe money to so they know you are not in a position to pay them back. If you are lucky, the people you owe money will be willing to help you in some way. But you need to be upfront with them.

    I don't know why you are not working, but I would strongly urge you to get a job if your health doesn't prevent you from working. You are not old, so I'm sure you can find something to do - even if it is a cleaning job, or working as a cashier...anything is better than being on welfare or begging people for money.

    Good luck with everything.

  7. I'm in deep financial crises. Hence I request you to pray the Almighty lord Allah to ease my meloncholies .

  8. Assalamualaikum i am wasim ali from condition is very bad please help me my inglish is not good for describe my problem i need 15000 dollars.....for stand my business and recover my loss......

    • Assalamualaikum i am Mohammed Salique from india my condition is very bad please help me my English is not very well for describe my family problems if you can help me so I can solve my problems may Allah bless you.

      • Brother Mohammed, we don’t have money to give you, but if you submit your question as a separate post we can try to advise you.

        Wael Editor

  9. I am desperate, need a job, need money to support my children. I have no one who can help me. Stuff keeps going bad cause we dnt have a fridge i cant afford one. The road is difficult help me please

  10. Assalamualykom brother i hope u can help me wallahi i really need help..I am a single mom of 4 and i dont hv job now thru pandemic i am just a dishwasher and clothes washer in neighbor due to virus i am not allow to gt into there house to work.. i am really in deep struggle and burden of debts God knows..and even the food of my fmily i cnt barely afford.. i am connected to the wifi of my neighbor for free..we dnt even hv electricty it was cut coz i cnt anymore afford to pay bils neighbor give us light at night and let me charge my phone.. i swear to God..i am really in deep struggles and burden of debts .. i am really in desperate to ask for help my my family specially my mother whos ill and sick since then and facing bullying almost of her entire life..i hope you can help or anyone can help me please i am begging you you can call me for proof that all i am saying is true we can talk if you want..wallahi Allah is my witness brother..Allah knows how i need help for my fmily specialy my mother

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