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Help – 16, Hypersexual and Hopeless

I am a 16 year old girl. My problem… well, you can see by he title.

How to forget haram relationship?

I need so so much help… I feel like my chances are over.

I need a support system

I have been attracted to the same sex ever since I was little. Whether my mind is manipulated by society or the devil has built a home in my heart…

Intimacy problems in the marriage

I know in islam the worst is who disclose husband wife relationship. In my situation can I not disclose this anyone so he or she can talk to my wife and tell her she is doing wrong?

I need help with spiritual growth

I’m a student studying both religious and secular, but I fail to be moral within myself when I’m back home.

I need help!

I really don’t know what’s wrong and how to fix it …. If Allah really wanted to help wouldn’t I be enjoying a happy n confident life ?

I have no one – who will help me financially?

I am desperate so i cry and ask another but again they ignore me. Is there a rich Muslim i can ask for help? Is there someone willing to cover my living expenses temporarily and help me sort out my life?

Trapped by depression

Everyone thinks I’m a strong person and I have been trying to be, but I just feel trapped

Why are my ex and his family still tormenting me?

He messaged me “you slept with me and all that so I want to pay you for that, because I don’t sleep with girls without paying! You’re a whore girl.”

How should I treat my parents because of this?

I know that being angry and not speaking to them is not going to solve anything, but I seriously don’t know what to say or how to feel. We did just recently move and I could say my dad is busy selling the old building we lived in and buying new things for the new place. But don’t they care enough to help me out?