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Guilt, depression and shame! Should we keep the child or abort it?

The dilemma I am in now is whether to keep the baby or to abort. If I keep the baby, then I would have to tell my family about the whole thing and thus will disappoint my parents, as I am about to finish of my degree in another country.

My baby or my husband?

I can’t go on like this. Its making me feel really depressed. I don’t want to adopt, abort, or give up on my baby. But I love my husband so so so very much, I don’t want to let him go. We have an amazing Iman but he is in Egypt at the moment and we don’t know when he will be coming back. My husband has stopped attending mosque and visiting his Muslim friends, instead he is turning to his atheist friends for advice which is not good .

Got a non-Muslim woman pregnant; need help

I had sex with one non Muslim girl and got her pregnant. She doesn’t want to have an abortion. I don’t know what to do now? I need your advice in this matter.

I got the punishment for my deeds in this World itself. What should I do?

I was from a modern middle-class family and got married to a rich and handsome Muslim man who came from a VERY, VERY conservative family. Our marriage lasted for only 3 years. Here’s where the problems started – I was failing to get pregnant and my mother-in law and paternal grandmother-in law would taunt me for this.

Shall I stay with my husband or listen to my family and leave him?

If I leave him, I gain my family back but if I choose him then I lose my family again. He said to me we will make it work, but I’m not sure. I don’t know what I want? or don’t know what to do?

I want to do the right thing and marry her but her parents keep making excuses.

The question is; What is our punishment? Can we marry? Can we marry without the consent of her parents? Will I be blamed if I leave her only because her parents are not ready to marry her off? What if I get away, far away from her life? Please guide and pray for us