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Nervous about intimacy

I will be getting married soon. I’m quite worried as I don’t know what my rights and responsibilities are in terms of intimacy. I don’t know what his rights and responsibilities are.

My MIL imposes authority over me and my husband and he doesn’t find it bad

I find it really disheartening that I’m living with her against my likeness, living a lifestyle that she’s set… I have already given up a lot of rights and she won’t let me go and spend some time at my parents house comfortably. My husband finds it fine.

Feeling less as a wife

I always fought for equality with my brothers at home but now I feel worthless as a wife. It’s more like a maid.

Hoor, polygamy, children…dilemmas of an ex-sinner

Thinking of more women and variety reverses my contentment and harms the frame of mind I have constructed for myself. It feels like greed to me and it reminds me of my past. It doesn’t leave any space for love at all. I just don’t feel comfortable with extra lust.

The Role of a Wife when the Husband fails to fulfil his duties

He is verbally abusive towards his wife and did not fulfill any of his duties even getting his children married. Since now the children are independent and educated by their efforts and ofcourse the support from Allah SWT he cannot physicly abuse the women (1st wife) as children are very much against him.

My Sister has been Suffering the Ignorance of her Husband; Please Advise

Immediately her in laws saw her, they told her to get on her knees (even though she was heavily pregnant) that she is a spoiled and proud. They then told their son that he’s stupid for allowing his wife control him and went on and on to humiliate her.

My husband beats me, and I am now fed up

After 12 year of marraige life and having 3 daughters MASHAALLAH, i decided to leave my husband weather he is giving divorce or not..he been beating me on purpose without reason on little things nutt shell he has like an addiction of beating after month or two.