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I lived in a non-Muslim country for a long time and don’t know how to pray; can I give up prayers?

Now I’m in a Arab country such as Bahrain and it’s really hard for me not knowing Arabic in an Arab country, so I want to know is it ok if I don’t pray? And if that is a problem, what is the fastest way to learn how to pray?

Medical problem breaking wudhu… can I pray? Could it be the evil eye?

Its going to be my 15th day tomorrow that I have not prayed as I have been having on/off bleeding… My family are saying I can pray and I know a sister who one day said I can pray and the next text said I can’t pray??? what do I do? … my mum had a sisters gathering in her house and I have not been myself since… could it be evil eye???

Prayer making my knees hurt

I don’t want to stop praying, because of my knees, but I am so distressed about it. My confidence is getting lower and lower. I hate the thought of always thinking about the appearance if my knees, but it truly matters to me.

Practicing Islam secretly, parents caught me offering prayers

I know I shouldn’t be embarrassed of Islam, but my fears came true. My mother reported this to my father, and now both of them ignore me. They don’t talk to me much. Their anti-Islamic behaviour makes me hate them more and more.

My father is not a religious man and I am afraid for my education

I am living with my father. My parents are separated, so i’m living only with my father since i was 9. now i’m still schooling.Since my childhood time i’ve seen my mother get beaten by my father…

Can my son lead me in salat?

My husband is currently away from the home. My son is fifteen and knows his salats. Is it permissible for him to lead me and my other son in salat, or since I know more than him, should I still be leading the salat?

Confused about shaving and trimming body hair in Islam

I am having confusion on regarding the removal of hair from our secret places, kindly let me know for example if you are really having no time for the removal..

My brother has a mental inbalance

My brother suffers from paranoia. He prays his obligatory salat. He follows the sunnah, but his ahlak & his adab is not consistent with that of our Prophets peace be upon them..

Uncovering of the feet/arm in salah

I never knew that your feet have to be covered in salah.

What do i do about my previous salah’s?

Also sometimes I use to leave a bit of my arm/wrist uncovered :S , I now know this is wrong.

What is the correct way to pray?

Assalamu Alaikum,

I am unsure about dua in prayer.
1. For example in zuhr- 4rakhats sunnah, 4rakhats fard, 2rakhats sunnah, 2rakhats do you raise you hands for dua after each group of rakhats OR do you just raise hands for dua right at the end?