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My life compared to hers…

I was a good girl and I’ve been through a lot, I thought I deserved the best whereas my friend did the bad and got good life!

Am I Being Punished?

I understand the prophets went through trials and tribulations, it was a test from God. But I in no way am as strong as that. I’m weak so why am I being put through a test at every stage of my life?

A Question…!

I want to know as hurt people are crying and wrong people are leading a peaceful life… why?
A murderer is safe and the innocent person is being killed…!

Will Allah punish me for talking to boys at school?

became consumed with texting them all the time, that somtimes the time of prayer would pass by. I also became a bit non-serious in studies and my grades began to drop. When my board exams were two months away, I stopped talking to them as frequently and started to concentrate on my studies. I needed to get good grades so that I didn’t lose my scholarship, and I couldn’t deal with the guilt of letting my parents pay large fees for my exam retakes.

Am I being trapped by my ego?

I know this is the test Allah has promised the people who say “We believe” so please tell me what am I doing wrong? Am I not trusting Him enough?