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Istikhaarah Dream interpretation

I performed Istikhaarah namaz for the purpose of marriage…

I need advice about this meeting

I decided to do istikhara prior to getting closer to this person and taking things more seriously…

Istikhara Dream Interpretation

I did istikhara and had a vivid dream.

I saw two bad dreams again and again, and I want its tabeer

These disturb and worry me a lot. Please guide me in the light of Islam.

Dreaming of unknown

I’m having very strange dreams about people I don’t know and never met.

Dreams about marrying an already married man and father’s death

These dreams have disturbed me a lot. Please do help.

A dream explanation needed

I need help with a dream… the thought of it bothers me.

Istikhara about my job

I am confused about my istikhara… please help me out.

Dream of being hugged by someone I know

I thoroughly feel that this dream would mean a lot to me in the future…

Dream about hugging someone who felt like she was my mother in law

Would anyone be able to interpret the dream? Because I’m not too sure what it means…