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English Translation of the Dua for Istikhaarah

Dua for Istikhaarah

Salaam everyone, I am slightly confused I have met someone recently and decided to do Istikhara prior to getting closer to this person and taking things more seriously. This person is very nice, however, when i did Istikhara I dreamt that I was sitting with another man (I could not tell his identity) and we were very happy. But in my dream i remember thinking where is my current guy and the minute i awoke I kept hoping I'll fall asleep again to see the one I am with. Does this mean that the man I am currently considering is not the one. When i awoke from the dream i felt very sad as I really feel happy with the person I am currently meeting. Also I did not do proper Istikhara I just said a prayer. Ideas? I am actually falling in love with the man i am with I know it would be wrong for me to pursue the relationship on just a feeling


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  1. Istikhara isn't based off of seeing a dream or having a feeling. You pray istikhara in hopes that Allah will give you barakah in the decision you're most leaning towards. Pray istikhara, have tawaakul, and take the decision that's most practical and logical. In your case, seeing a mysterious figure in your dream and putting off a potential because of this figure, isn't logical. Ambiguous dreams should never influence you to make decisions about your life. However, regardless, it seems you haven't prayed istikhara correctly. So this dream you had was nothing from your own imagination. You should pray two rakahs, and read the dua'a which comes afterward.

    May Allah guide you to what best for you, and give you a spouse that will make you nearer to Him. Ameen

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