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I want to die – please give me some advice

I really don’t want to live… I have thought many times to commit suicide…

thoughts of death

I’m 17 and nothing in my life is going right. I’m not planning to commit suicide, but there is nothing I want more than death. Do you think that if I pray hard enough to die on the night of qadr or any other night , I will die? I have wanted this for so long […]

A love relationship and a lost pregnancy without marriage…

One week after converting, I discover I am pregnant. I lost it in the 5th week of pregnancy. I think that happen because we didn’t have marriage. I feel like is my fault. I don’t want to live.

death better than this life

Sometimes the hope and faith dies and I want to die along with it.

Hopeless, seeking dua for death

I have constantly been tortured. Ever since I was 16, I was married at a young age which was a mistake because the guy tortured me emotionally and physically. He only wanted his papers. For the past 10 years I never met the right person, it’s like my life is a burden on me.

I am lost, if sins are forgiven I want to die, I want peace.

Already I had lost hope, been through to severe depression, seen failures, very sensitive, scare of dying not Allah. I ´m very simple, shy, people take advantage of my simpilicity. I don´t know my purpose of living. Worship I don´t know. God don´t help me the I begged, prayed…