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Wife or parents?

His parents are able bodied but are getting old so he has decided to leave me and our kids and move in full time with his parents.

Is it worth it getting married?

When I witness or hear couples that are married, it makes me not want to get married.

The intimacy between a husband and a wife

I am mother of three beautiful kids. My husband is loyal, respectful to me and he is good father of our kids. We have wonderful family life Alhumdulliah. My question is about our bedroom life. From my husband perspective, after many years of marriage things become stale, to bring some excitement back into our intimate life’s, my husband start buying me lingerie’s and start asking me to doll-up in costumes.

My husband phones his female friends

What are the rights of wife regarding time given by the husband. What if the husband wastes his time on talking on the phone with other girls. Is this right to say this is just friendship?

Husband does not provide for me

I have not been married long (this is my second marriage), almost ten yrs of being single I remarried, I gave up my home, moved to a new city, gave up a job so you can understand that in moving in with my husband i became fully reliant and dependent on him. I rejected numerous job opportunties in the city he lives in and in doing so I resorted myself to being penniless for almost two months because my husband to date has given me £30.

Depression due to my husband’s second marriage

I am an Indian women, staying in KSA married to my husband for the past 15 yrs. 3 yrs back he had married an arab national woman here, though he had hid all this matter from me before, he told me about this just before his marriage. Though I am very possessive of my husband, I had submitted to the will of Allah and bearing with him all these years. But now each passing day, I am feeling more depressed and getting into inferior complexities.