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Strong feelings of commiting suicide

I’m sick of this life and crying and feeling lonely. I’m so hurt and in pain. Will Allah forgive me if I kill myself and end this pain????

Will Allah forgive my sin?

I had sex with my girlfriend.

Please advise me how to perform i’tikaaf

I was thinking to perform ittekaaf… By performing ittekaaaf will Allah forgive my sins?

I committed Zina and feel incredibly ashamed and guilty

I want to come back to my religion and regain my imaan. Will God ever forgive me for what I have done?

I am repenting for zina in my past

I started my taubah a few days ago, but my heart felt so dark. Will Allah accept my taubah?

I’ve cursed my mother

I’ve repented, but ended up doing it again and again. I know Allah will definitely put me in hell.

Committed zina at 15 after childhood abuse

I have sleepless nights with the burden of my sins on my shoulders.

Confused and worried about repentance.

A person knowingly sinned and thought Allah will forgive and carried on sinning deliberately. Does that mean Allah will not forgive the person?