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I have HSV but don’t want to ruin a woman’s life.(7)

October 26, 2019

I have been looking for a halal partner but it’s really hard to find a wife with my issue, and don’t forget stigma.

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What should I do for Allah to forgive me?

I’ve promised myself and Allah never to repeat this horrible sin again. I want Allah to forgive me. Is it possible?

Have I Contracted Disease Because of Masturbation?

What should I do about the STDs or HIV? I never had sex but my mind wont be at ease as long as I didnt do anything about it.

I suspect my wife of being unfaithful

She said she got an STD from using the dirty toilet. My suspicion is that she might’ve had sex with the handyman. I have no proof but I can’t live with her with doubts in my mind.

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