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Grateful for all the wonderful Islamic advice ma-sha-Allah

Thank you and Jazakum Allah khayr, may Allah reward you with good
Thank you and Jazakum Allah khayr, may Allah reward you with good

Dear Brothers and Sisters, As-salamu alaykum wa rahmatullah,

My name is Wael and I am the founder of this Islamic marriage & family advice website. I want to express my profound gratitude and appreciation for all those kind Muslim sisters and brothers who have taken the time to comment and offer advice to those in need. There are periods when I have more free time and I'm able to answer many questions, and other times (such as now) when I'm overwhelmed with work, caring for my daughter, working on some of my other projects and dealing with my own problems (I am finalizing a divorce after 9 years of marriage) and all I can do is publish the questions and hope someone else will offer advice. Sometimes I feel guilty when I do that because the questioner may be desperately confused or in pain.

Lately, however, I have no fear, because it is a certainty - Insha'Allah - that some compassionate Muslim sister or brother will step up and offer wise, relevant, thoughtful advice. Some people do this consistently, such as Ayesha, Sister Z, ahmed and Gazal. To those four especially I would like to say that you have generous souls ma-sha-Allah, and may Allah reward you and always increase your Islamic knowledge and wisdom.

Others offer occasional or one-time advice on topics that hit home with them, or lie within their area of experience, and this is also very useful. Those people are also important contributors.

Taking the time to offer sincere advice is an act of generosity and compassion. I know you do not do it for me, but fee-sabeel-illah (for the cause of Allah). Still, I recognize your contribution and I thank you as well.

- Wael

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  1. asalamu alaikum,

    your welcome, i would also thx you for letting me share my knowledge jaza khalla o khayran

    ma salama

  2. Walaikumsalaam Wael...JazakhAllahkhair for your acknowlegdement :), its very kind of you.

    I would like to also say thankyou to you for giving us the opportunity to take part. Whilst advising others, I sometimes feel that I am advising myself aswell, as I'm sure that all of us at some point in our lives have been able to relate to some of the very painful and heartbreaking issues raised here.

    I also want to apolgise if I have offended any of the writers here; sometimes I feel my words may come across as a little blunt.

    May Allah reward you Brother Wael and all our other writers for their efforts and good intentions 🙂
    And may Allah improve yours and all our situations...Aameen

    Dua for us all: "O Controller of the hearts! Please make my heart steadfast upon Your religion"

  3. Asslam-o-alaikum brother Wael,
    Thanx be to Allah who gives us the opportunity to help others.Mashallah you are doing great effort.Jazakallah Khair.

  4. asalamu alaikum............thank u


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