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Relocating to California – Need Advice

Relocating to a New House

Assalam o alaikum

I am considering moving to Southern California inshallah in the next year.

Can I get people to share with me where I should live? (I will inshallah have the opportunity to work from home therefore I have some liberty to select my area).

I'd like a location close to a big and well organized Islamic Center where I have the opportunity to meet all kinds of muslims (born, reverts, interested in learning about Islam) as I love doing dawah and inter-faith work.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions

~ serendipity

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  2. Salaams,

    Southern California is very vast, and the Islamic centers are numerous. The best way to gauge where you might want to live is to visit first, and check out multiple areas. Some places are more affordable and safe than others. Once you've narrowed down a city or suburb, then you can start looking for roommates and housing.

    If you've never been to southern california and you go out there without checking it out first, you might find it to be overwhelming. Take it from me, I was born in Los Angeles and grew up in SoCal, and still have a lot of family there. I plan on moving back in a few years, and even having known that for some time I still don't know where exactly I'd like to live (and that's having a cursory understanding of the different areas).

    Expect the cost of living to be on the high side, so it would help to have a bit of savings when you go. Having a car would be optimal too. Also, better be ready to deal with traffic at all times of day and none-stop cityscapes. If that's not really your scene, and you would rather have a more remote setting, the mojave desert and San bernardino mountains contain well developed communities, and they are only about an hours drive from the san Gabriel valley. The coast, alternatively, is always very crowded and more expensive.

    One last note- get used to earthquakes, if you're not already! Hope it all works out for you.

    -Amy Editor

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