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Will I be forgiven?

I need help with a few problems… I try to ask Allah for forgiveness but what if it’s not strong enough?

When will my husband come back? (CLOSED)

When will my married life get better, and when will my husband come back to me?

Of duas and fears

Please tell me I should get a life and hold onto the rope of Allah even more strongly and instill some sense into me. I really need to hear some words of wisdom and good advice.

Is it permissible to check monthly horoscopes to foretell impending dangers?

I request my dear brother & sister or whoever is reading my post, please let me know if astrology is permitted in ISLAM?

Is checking name compatibility really a sin?


I was going through questions posted on this forum and read this one:

In this probably the editor of this site has stated that checking names compatibility is shirk and a big sin. Would some one like to shed more response on this point? Is it really wrong in our religion? What are the authentic sources and references?

When will my sister marry?

when she is going to be marry and how will be her married life ? Thanks..

The woman asked for his name and his mothers name. Is this sihr?

I’ve come across a muslimah sister, she is an older woman, approx. 85 years old.
She has a cousin, whos daughter is getting to know a man, and her mother was concerned if this relationship would work..

Are Muslims allowed ask pious Maulana to predict best dates for weddings?

I have an odd query. When I first heard it I related it automatically to Hindu Beliefs of asking a Pious man to select dates for wedding…

Names and Luck

Can her name and my name have any influence on how good she would be to me?

when will she be married?

aoa. my sister is 29 years and my family is worrying about her marriage. her name is shumaila, date of birth 17/11/1981, place of birth is jhang, and mother’s name is zubaida begum.

kindly do istikhara of my sister and let me know will this year she get married?