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Am I ugly?

My husband told me to undergo a whitening treatment… he told me to take injections for preventing melanin!

Beauty is important or not?

I had discussed this with my friends. In their opinion physical features do not matter. But if they don’t why doesn’t garbage seem pretty?

I don’t find her attractive

Deep down I know that divorce should really be the last resort but can anyone in light of what I have disclosed advise me?

Will this suffering ever end?

Beauty is a very special gift and blessing from Allah but not everyone is being blessed for such a beautiful gift from Allah and I am one of those unlucky people.

My complexion makes me undeserving of happiness and love

Now all my cousins are getting married. I don’t know whether anyone will ever accept me, because everyone wants beautiful girl in my south asian society. Considering the fact that throughout my whole life many people made me realize that I am not beautiful, I don’t think I’ll ever get married!

Why do I have to suffer?

So then I had my first baby boy. My husband was okay after that at first, then he started physical abuse for no reason. Alhumdulillah, I’m slim, good looking, and nobody can tell I’ve had kids but still he always has to say something bad about me. I tried talking to him, but he always says that he hates my mom. I don’t know why.

Nose Job issue. In this society why face beauty matters.

A man can marry to a woman for 3 reasons, for woman’s beauty, woman’s wealth, or woman’s good moral and character. Can I go for nose job so I will be acceptable?

My fiance wants to marry me ONLY for my looks.

I know that my fiance has the right to like me for my looks, but not to such extent that I feel he is only attracted to my body and not my personality. Will this lustful attraction make our future relationship strong? and how much am I assured that he will not start to get bored of me- because at the end of the day, the only reason he wants to be with me is because he claims I am ”beautiful”.

I have chosen this sister for her piety and beauty but my parents do not like her family’s status.

I have been introduced to a sister through a married friend. The sister’s family invited my family to come and see her. When I first saw her, she was beautiful mashAllah. I asked her a few questions about Islam and alhumdulillah I was really happy with the answers she gave me. She is a practicing sister, wearing hijaab, reciting Qur’an and going to Islamic courses and lectures. I have done istkaara and I have a good feeling about her that she will be a good wife for me, a good mother of my children and someone that will help me get to Jannah inshAllah. The problem is my parents do not like her family because of status.