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He broke with me and now acts as a good friend

Since we have the same friend circle we decided to be just friends which is really tough for me. He said he loves me but we are better off as friends. It been 2 months now since we broke up and I still hold feelings for him. I’m really lost.

I am sinking, I want my love back.

our marriage should be love and arrange marriage too but my sister said we can´t wait for 1 year, so my boyfriend left me by saying that you can´t wait.. then I can´t do anything…

My life is a mess, I wish even to die.

I met this guy last year he promissed to marry me and everything he even come to my house to meet my mam. Everyone told him not to marry me, I don’t know the reason now he wants us to break up….

I can’t let go of my past mistakes

I feel like I’m being punished by Allah because of all my sins. I’m almost 30yrs old, not married and have no life. When I was 7yrs old I was sexually abused several times by a family friend. I’ve never told anyone about this.

My girlfriend left me to marry someone else and I can’t get over it

It all started 2 years back. I’ve been in love with my girlfriend for the last 2 years and I loved her more then my life and anything else. I loved her with my whole heart and never even saw any other girl except her. Everything was going smoothly and we saw a dream of marriage.

Depression since my girl left me

I have been together with a girl for six years. Last autumn she left me. Reason: she doesn’t love me anymore. Shortly before she left, we planned to marry. Since that day I have a terrible depression. I can’t stop the negative thinking. I think of her every day and night. I blame myself for not having done everything for her.

Can’t get over the fact that he played me

I had a relationship with this Muslim guy who happens to be my friend of 9 years and it lasted a month..but I”m emotionally damaged and very much ashamed of myself that I went into a relationship trusting him so much.

My affair left unmarried, divorced and with a child, how do I recover?

When I was 14years old my parents forced me to marry a guy I never loved. It was like a nightmare for me when I remember that day.. making my life so miserable. At the years goes by, after a year of our marriage I learned to accept the fact that I can never run away from these nightmares.

My sister has been heartbroken for two years

My sister has been heartbroken for a long time now. Two years to be exact.

She comes crying to me every second day and although I speak to her to console her I really want to find a dua to give to her to pray each day to help her get over this hurt and pain.