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Validity of My Name According to Islam

My surname is one of the names of Allah. I’m very confused about what I’m supposed to do.

Name change in Islam after father left me

The reason I am asking this is because it has a psychological impact on me when I see or hear my father’s name because of his past and what he has done to my mother.

Name changing when converting

Recently I moved to a Muslim area and some local Muslims have been bashing me saying its haram and that its a very big sin.

Converting to Islam

I have been learning Islam for about 2 years now, I want to convert!

I’m Hindu and I want to convert but not change my name

Is it possible to convert to Islam without changing my name? My name is not a religious name its Shikha. It means top as well it is not against Islam. please help me.

Conversion to Islam and changing name.

I also don’t know the procedure of converting to Islam. My name means unique and my pet name in an Islamic name so will I have to change my name and surname to convert to Islam.

Must a Catholic woman married to a muslim man change her name to a muslim name?

I am a catholic woman married to a sunni muslim. My husband refuses to get our marriage registered in court until I change to a muslim name. Is my marriage is illegitimate according to Islam?

Engaged to a hindu girl who won’t change her name

I am a Muslim man, and I intend to marry a girl who is currently Hindu. She is ready to accept ISLAM, but, she doesn’t want to change her Hindu name. Will it be acceptable to do nikka without changing her name to a Muslim name?

My name is Urvi, do I need to change it?

My name is urvi and I m in love with a muslim boy. And we are also planning for marriage. Please let me know it is compulsory to change my name..

Does my fiancee need to change his name?

My fiancee’s name is Manjhu. He converted to islam recently. Is this name is unislamic? Does he have to change it?