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Assalamualaikum, I have a question regarding my name. When I was very young my parents seperated as my father and mother had an arranged marriage and he was very violent and abusive physically. i have never known my father and dont even know what he looks like, also he has no contact with me and has never bothered to contact us with any sort of help. His name is Ali Darr . My name was Yusuf Ali at birth. Would I be able to add a middle name to my name? Would it be possible to change my name to Yusuf Deen Darr The reason i am asking this is because it has a physcoligical impact on me when i see or hear my fathers name because of his past and what he has done to my mother. So changing my name to my fathers first name doesnt remind me of it AS MUCH . The reason for the addition of the middle name is so that when i go to work etc i can ask them to call me by the preferred name of Yusuf Deen, is this permissible? And lastly would it be allowed to change all my legal documents, passport, driving licence, bank details etc to Yusuf Deen Darr?


I hope i can get an answer soon as its been on my mind for a long time.

Jazakallah Khayr

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  1. He is your father it is depend on you ,you can ask them calling you yosuf Deen ,it is culture we add father name with our name and for identify i think islam do not say us to use father,s name with our name but you should ask to sheikh or scholar he can tell you better.If your father,s name impact on you it is on your wish if you want to change your name offically may be you would change in passport and others documents or you want people call you with add father,s name with your name and mo more want change i think it is not necessary for you to change name in documents.

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