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Name changing when converting


So im going to make it this simple and short
I grew in a muslim family
but at the age of 11 me and my family moved to the U.S
I was exposed to the america culture and at the age of 17 i converted and changed my religion and name
My name is Jeffery Now
but recently I moved to a muslim area and some local muslims have been bashing me saying its haram and that its a very big sin
they also said i will face many legal  problems in the future  and what not.
So my question is it haram? note that it has been many years since i was 17
im married now and have 3 childern's with a christian Wife
i dont want any trouble to anyone  trouble with anyone
What is the solution here? and what is the problem here?


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  1. Are you saying you are Muslim? Or converted to Christianity?

    -Amy Editor

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