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Extremely scared of the opposite sex….

Raping, molesting, etc. caused in the world are majority by men… Seriously, would these horrific men like if the same thing would be done to their daughter’s and mothers, sisters, etc???

Need words of advice and hope…

I got sexually abused by my uncle as a child… Of course this led me to committing zina… I even done an abortion…

I can’t forget my mother’s actions in my childhood

My mom has been through so much… But I was small and things happened one after one. It changed her obviously, she used get very angry and violent when I was young…

Suicidal and traumatised by my past

I have posted here before and got a lot of help, but my mother decided to push me into a trap and now I feel worthless sinner again.

He blackmailed me and made my life hell

He started blackmailing me that he would put pictures of me on the internet if I don’t marry him.

Should I end this sad life? Sexually abused by brothers, terrible narcissistic parents and now guilt is killing me. Please help me

I will tell you my story in short. Its going to gross you out because it is so bad. I am sorry but I really need to get this out. If i dont i will surely die.

Memories of being molested as a child

I don’t really know if I was molested or not, but I have a memory (believe me this extremely hard for me to write and I’m shaking and crying right now)…