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I feel like I’ve lost everything and I don’t know what to do.

I don’t know where to start, but I just need some advice. What to do if your parent’s won’t accept the guy that you want to marry because of different race, culture? But we’re both muslims, shouldn’t that be the most important thing? To be fair my mum did talk to him, but it still doesn’t work. I’m tired of praying it will work out, I left everything in Allah’s hands but ya Allah if he’s not the one for me, why is it impossible to stop thinking of him?

I need Islam to rescue me, but my Mother won’t accept me becoming Muslim or my Pakistani Internet love

I am confused about what what to do. I am a weak person and I know that without his help, I could never change myself and guide myself towards islam, since I am dependent on my mother and probably always be. Shall I leave my mother and sister for our ‘relationship?’ If my mother stops our plans of him coming here and then moving to his country Pakistan, I don’t know what to do.

New convert to Islam, Struggling with Cultural differences

I am a mid-thirties progressive American woman who never really found religion – until now. I am successful, never married, no children, have a great career and I would consider myself open-minded, strong and independent. At the oddest moment in my life I met a man whom I consider to be my soul mate. We met and had an intense, immediate attraction. Our relationship progressed quickly, he asked me to be his wife, I said yes. He is Tunisian and muslim.

Is there any way I can emotionally force my boyfriend to come back to me?

He promised me he would marry me and look after me as long as i left the guy i was engaged to. I did it coz i trusted him. With all my fault as time went along things started changing and things were going bad. I got pregnant from him and I got rid of it coz at that time I was too scared to keep it as things were not right at home or with the guy.

Indian Muslim male confused whether to marry Christian female

Me and the indian muslim boy was in love for with each other for three years now. I read about islam and i study about it. I am willing to be a converted muslim and follow the ways of islam. He is scared with his family as they said that they dont accept me. Now he will be fixing the arrange marriage 3 months from now in india. I want to marry him but his family opposes as i am not coming from their caste and i am not a muslim.

How can I make my father understand? and why do I have no say in my future?

I am a 30 year old Pakistani girl and have been with someone for two years we have met several times face to face and over the 2 years are feeling for each other are getting stronger. He lives in another country and I live in the UK. The problem is that I mentioned to my family a year ago that I wanted to get married to this man (he’s an Arab) but they can not come over the cultural differences and how the community would perceive them. I have asked my father many occasions to speak to him and he’s refused, he wants nothing to do with it.

We’re in love, but her family won’t accept me because I’m not Indian?

My love and I met online, and we have been communicating for quite a while now. Her father and mother both refuse to even speak with me, verbally, or by email, or any other means. They told her it’s out of the question, and they are bringing a guy from the USA to her in August to meet up with and I’m so afraid they’ll force her to marry him.