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I have to cut ties with my daughter, please help

Assalam alaikum brothers/sisters, this is a very difficult situation for me. My daughter whom is Muslim born and bred, met a guy none muslim several years ago, left home lived with him had a child, then she left him we forgave her took her in, did everything for her, then she left again to be with him and had another four children…


My 11 year old daughter has a crush

As a father, I dont know how to approach her on the subject and how to tell her right from wrong on these matters. I would appreciate some parenting advice on this matter.

My mother is cheating on my father with his friend

Since I was a little girl, I remember my mother was cheating on my father with a relative but Alahmdullilah she’s a little over that. However, she is talking to one of the friend of my father. I am positive that she does the same thing with this man that she used to do with that relative. I am very disappointed and I do not know what to do? My father is also not a good father or husband and has done bad things in his life but it was in the past but he does swear a lot. I have no idea how to deal with this situation as if I talk to my mother, she yells and breaks things.

Father distressed about seperation from daughter

I am in a terrible situation where I have seperated from my wife who also has my 18 month old daughter with her. I have tried to make things work but we are just not compatible. Maybe it is because of how our relationship started.I was married to another girl and while married to her I got married to my second wife who got pregnant. If I divorce my second wife, what will be my rights as a father?

Sorry for the slowdown

In recent days the number of questions being published every day has slowed, as well as the participation by some editors. For my part, my daughter has been ill with a persistent fever and cough, and I’ve had my hands full taking care of her.

Need advice in disciplining my 11 year old daughter

My 11 year old daughter is a wonderful kid. But this past week she has stunned me by lying about school detention and today I found my expensive perfume was missing. I went to the school and asked her about it, and she admitted to me that she took it and gave it to her friend. I was so disappointed and heart broken that she has done these decieving things.