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We are trying to conceive but in vain.

My daughter and domestic abuse.

I have spoken with my daughter that this is totally unacceptable behaviour by him but my daughter insists he’s changed…

Should I take back my ex-wife?

Should I do again nikah to her and accept her with all the sins she committed?? Or should I move with my daughter…??

Wanna get married but family make it hard

My mom wants me to marry a guy of her choice and not somebody I want. She would tell me to pick him or her, which is a tough question because I love both of them dearly.

In need of parenting advice

My daughter is 5.5 years old now, she really is a good girl with a good heart, but I fear we’ve spoiled her.

I need help bringing my daughter back to Islam

On occasions she would say that the things I send her about Islam makes her feel peaceful but I believe her disease has gotten the best of her.

Shame and Depression about Daughter and Convert Wife

I married in young age in West, and troubled life started. Wife accepted Islam on Nikah .. Got a daughter .. had lot of problems in life… I practice Islam seriously but feel so ashamed due to wife who is convert but not practicing.

Too worried for my future

I am 14 years old muslim girl, I really want to get a good answers and find somebody who can answer to my (shameful) questions. Let me begin my story. I am really shy girl, just like my mom. My mom and I never talk about sex and stuff like that. I think it’s because we both are really shy to talk about it. However I always had questions that I can’t ask my mom. (I don’t have any sisters, just younger brothers).

I am confused over my divorce

I am 24 years old and have a 2 year and 7 months old daughter. My husband was a catholic but converted himself to islam to marry me. Though my family was against our marriage later they were fine with it. three months after marriage I found out that he was a drug addict. He never could do a job for more than few weeks and he would mentally torture me asking for money. I loved him truly and honestly and went through a lot of humiliation and pain because of his addiction.

How to treat unIslamic parents that practice black magic?

I am a Roman Catholic woman who has been best friends with a Muslim man since we were children. Four years ago, we started dating. I moved abroad and the first year of our relationship was a long-distance one.