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Alsam Alykom wa Rahmatoh,

My daughter has been raised in the US. She is 24 yrs old. She and I have been away from Islam for a long time however, I finally found out the beauty of Islam- Alhamdullah. Now I would like to bring her back. She has Bipolar and lives a very sinful life. I tried to show her the beauty of Islam but she made a choice to block me out and to actually move out of my place. I try every day to invite her back to Islam but she isn't responding. On occasions she would say that the things I send her about Islam makes her feel peaceful but I believe her disease has gotten the best of her. Please help me with an advice on how to bring her back. She doesn't understand Arabic and most of the beautiful things on Youtube are in Arabic so I can't even use the videos to help her understand her religion.

Thank you in advance for any help!

Your sister in Islam ~ Express ~

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  1. walaikum asalaam

    firstly alhamdulillah for coming back to the deen. only thing you can do is make lots of du'a to Allah to guide her, and to soften her heart, be patient and continue in giving videos on Islam, books etc. so many videos on youtube are in English, enough to grasp the basic foundation of Islam. the only reason your daughter doesn't understand its most likely she has no interest in the religion. its not something you can force her to do.


  2. America is a hard place to find religion, but with lots of duas, Allah swt will guide her accordingly, inshAllah. Eventually she will get lonley for her religion, and inshAllah come back. You are doing the right thing by sending reminders, and continue to do so for her sake.


    • You shouldn't say religion is hard to find in America in fact its hard where ever people are from. The problem we are facing is the shaatian making it easier for people not to follow their duty has being a muslim and more importantly to practice the religion including fasting, five times a day prays etc. May Allah guide us all.

    • I agree with Samina. Finding religion isn't about where you are physically, it's about where you are mentally and emotionally.

  3. I really hope your daughter comes back onto the correct path inshAllah.
    Never give up keep guiding her and i believe if your a good example to your daughter she will come to you and back on the right path.

  4. Is your daughter getting help for her bipolar disorder? This disorder skews her perception of the people around her and their motivations, and it may be part of the reason why she distances herself from you. It may also be affecting her perception of the materials you send her about Islam and your motivations behind that; she may think you're trying to control her and that may push her to reject the message of Islam. If your daughter is not getting some kind of help, I suggest you make the your first priority. Help her take control of her disorder and Inshallah everything else will fall into place.

  5. watch nouman ali khans vids i know lots of people who like his vids and some vids are quite powerful in delivering a message

  6. As-salamu alaykum sister. Alhamdulillah that Allah guided you back to the deen. In trying to call your daughter back, the key is patience. Don't push her too much. Never become visibly frustrated or negative. If she says that some things make her feel peaceful, then continue giving her those kinds of things, but only bit by but.

    Continue to be an example of compassion and kindness. Be peaceful in yourself. When people see you are at peace, they want what you have.

    Most of all, make dua' to Allah to guide your child, and do not give up.

    In the end, of course, the choice is hers. You cannot make her believe as you do, no matter how hard you try. It's between her and Allah

    She might enjoy my blog, It is full of positive messages about Islam.

    Wael Editor

  7. I was in exactly the same situation as your daughter and if Allah swt guided me to Islam I'm sure he could guide yours In Shaa Allah. Just be patient make dua that she meets a Muslim partner who can help guide her. Show her Q and A videos. That helped me to see logic of Islam. Does she like science. You could explain science in the Quran. Or just let her listen to it often to calm herself.
    Check her medication is the best for her too. Side effects make it difficult to concentrate. Lithium / quetiapine may be better than others . Of course depends on her exact diagnosis. I will make dua In shaa Allah perhaps others can do same. Perhaps you can make dua for my daughter to take more interest in Islam too. I have hard time with her as well

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