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Does forced marriage and delaying marriage are haram in islam ?

We’re so hurt and sad now, all we can do is dua to Allah to open his parents’ hearts to accept me.

Delaying Nikkah Because of His Parents

I am very upset with this situation because I feel that I have to cut all ties with him now until his parents will allow us to marry to avoid committing zina or being in a haram relationship.

I still haven’t met his mother!

He has all these reasons on to why he is taking his time but I don’t want to waste my time loving a man when I desire marriage and a family.

20 years old and wanting to get married

My parents say they can not marry me as we don’t have financial power. But me and my fiance are both ready to limit our needs.

Shia Father Refuses to Get Me Married to a Sunni

Guy’s family is constantly saying that when will you come as it’s 6 months period now. What am i suppose to do ? i will not marry any shia at any cost. plus i want to marry as soon as possible because i’m already in my late 25.

We love each other but he is not ready for a commitment

So it got physical like we didnt have sex, but just the act of intercourse was the only thing that didnt happen. He was fine even after, but when I said I wanted to be in a more proper relationship he started backing out because he has had bad breakup before and doesnt like commitment.

Promised to marry me but lied for 4 years

After 4 years of promises, now he is telling me that his father rejects me coz we are from different nationality. But I am a good Muslim and was very committed to him and never knew anyone except him.. In these 4 years, i had family proposals but i did not accept in a hope of waiting for him.

Parents Delaying My Marriage for Years

I am seeking help of you to guide me in this situation what to do? I am Muslim girl, age 25. I got engaged two and half years ago and still my family and His family cannot decide about the marriage. My problem is this: my father has organised exchanged marriages, his 2 daughters to my house and me there.