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I’m in a desperate need of help……..can’t receive any help from anywhere… Someone please help!

His parents don’t want us to get married… they are complicating things for him such as not talking to him, always taunting and insulting him, cursing him…

His parents are not ready due to different caste

His parents refused it saying they are Pathans and we are Turks. However my parents are happy for us.

My parents happiness or mine?

I have gone through so much verbal abuse being called a whore by everyone in my family and told I was better off dead since I wouldn’t disgrace my family then.

Cultural parents not allowing me to marry Latino convert sister

I have came to know of a convert Muslim sister that is looking for marriage. After speaking to my mother about getting married to this convert who is of Hispanic origin, my mother was quick to shoot down that suggestion because she is not of “our” culture.

He married other woman, divorced and now wants to marry me

He had come back from overseas, lately we were not really on good terms when he had left and avoided each other for two months but just before he left he promised me he was coming back for me and ……

We committed zinaa, can we still get married?

I am in love with this guy that is different from my culture but he’s still Muslim. And I did zina with him.

I am 20 years old and I love him. We do want to get married but I am scared to tell my parents about him because they are very strict about marrying other than our culture. I don’t agree and I feel it should not a be problem as long he is Muslim. He is ready, he’s educated and he’s a really good man. He’s 13 years older than me and we’ve been together a year and 3 months.

My question is, what can I do after I did zinaa?