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I want to become his second wife, but not publicly

The man I wish to marry is someone I know. He is married. I am not asking for public recognition, rather we have a private nikaah with a small number of people.

Remarriage of a divorced women in Islam

Please can you help me to know how I can marry that man without the consent of my father as someone told me that without consent of father I can’t marry?

Can I marry an older, non-Muslim divorcee?

I am 23 year Muslim boy and since 7 months I am in love relation with a 33 year old non Muslim divorced girl.

Masturbation for divorced women?

If a divorce woman do masturbation sometimes is this haram? I read that it’s haram for unmarried women but what about divorced women?

Can I marry her once she divorces my friend?

If she do get divorced, I would like to spend my life with her and her daughter. But i’m so torn between the guilt of being in this relation with my friend’s wife and wanting to spend my life with the girl i feel is so compatible with me.

We want to get married – what problems will we face?

Since she is from different religion, divorced, different country. I am confused what are all the problems in front of me religious wise and family wise…

I want to marry a lady who is divorced

I need opinion to convince my parents. I have been told by her to ask my parents to go and see her.

Tell me, would you marry a divorced woman?

I’m 24 years old, divorced. He was american and later converted to Islam. Since i have grown up, a lot I would say. I’m learning more about my faith and just started praying..

Why in-laws don’t like widows and divorced women??

Is it in Islam? To hate the daughter in law who is their son’s wife, and not to accept her because she is widowed or divorced, or has a child? What? Why they can do like that? Because of society, because of relatives, and because of culture? How can they do that?

And some husbands also not standing up for their wives.. then who will support their wives? They have respect for the parents, but why don’t the parents have respect for their children?