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Confusing istiqara outcome

I haven’t seen the guy I love in my dreams at all.

Filthy water

What does it mean if you dream about filthy water?

Dream interpretation

Does this dream mean something ?a warning or what?

Istikhara dream

I saw a cluster of grapes. Then I was in a competition with a male who can eat more grapes. Is this a good dream?

Must read it’s about Holy Prophet Saw Dream

I have seen Holy Prophet since I was 10 years.

Dream of ex-husband

Why am I having these dreams and what is the interpretation?

Istikhara Dream Interpretation

I did istikhara and had a vivid dream.

Istikhara interpretation

I am doing istikhara for marriage. Please advise me on the interpretation of my dream.

Istikhara Dreams Interpretation

I am not sure whether to interpret these dreams as good or bad…

Dreaming about marriage proposal

It felt really real…