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I had a dream after doing Istikhara. I saw two cluster of grapes, one green and one purple. Then I was in competition with a male who can eat more grapes. I saw my mouth full of grapes. Then I saw at end me and the male were holding the cluster of green grapes with little grapes left on them. Is this good dream?



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  2. it shows abundance of blessings and rizq but yew have to be careful spending your money as it may lead to deprivation. this is infact a good dream Masha Allah

  3. It's a dream. Maybe you were hungry when you fell asleep. Focus on the real world. Don't spend too much time on trying to figure out what your dreams mean.

  4. I instincively feel that this is a positive dream. Grapes are one of the fruits of Jannah and mentioned in the Qur'an. The colour green symbolises fertility, hence the small grapes which may mean children.

    Allah knows best. I think it's a good sign. Pay more attention to how you feel about the proposal you did istikhara for and keep reading the dua of istikhara every day. If this match is good for you in sha Allah He swt will make it easy for you.

    All the best.

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