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  • Salaam.

I'm a teen girl who dreams a lot. Like every night I have a dream. Sometimes they are repeated. Obviously I want to know what they mean so sometimes I check Ibn Seerins Dictionary Of Dreams (I know it's not written by him). A lot of the times, I don't find my dream in the book (obviously) so I check online but I've never been bothered to sign up and ask. As a person, who for some random reason, really wants to get married, I sometimes have marriage dreams. I had one where my parents said you are now married, meet your husband, so I saw a random person I don't know and we were like hi, to each other. Another time I had a dream where my uncle,(who is a sheikh, I think. He is hafith, qari and alim so....? I don't know if it counts for anything) anyway, in the dream he sends me a message about one of his 19-year-old acquaintances asking for my hand. My uncle asked how old I was. In the dream I didn't see the message till later, but I was really surprised and thought isn't he supposed to tell my parents first? Then I woke up. It felt really real though because before that dream, I had another dream and woke up from it to this dream, if you get what I mean. Sorry this sounds really confusing and I hope you can tell me what it means soon and if the fact that I really want to get married (not that I'm looking) is the reason I get these dreams? Jzk


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  1. As salaamu alaikum. Please do not focus too much on your dreams. Sometimes we get subtle messages about what is going on in our lives when we dream. Some medical professionals say our dreams also give us an opportunity to problem solve matters that we may have to deal with during our waking hours. You can make dua to Allah right before you go to sleep each night. Since you often think about marriage, consider making dua that Allah gives you a spouse who is dutiful to Him and is kind and loving to you.

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