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Recently married and feel like a slave to in-laws

I told my husband I want to work after marriage and he agreed, but his family want me to be the family cook. And the father-in-law monitors my movements constantly.

Seeking advice for marriage

He asked me for marriage and I have agreed… The issue is with his family…

Complications in marriage even after istikhara

I want to get married but I don’t know if he is the guy. Although he loves me a lot I sometimes think he will not support me when I will need him.

Father in law is a child molester

The conviction also stated that he is not ever allowed contact with any child under 16. I need to protect my kids.

Using quran ayats to brainwash

My marriage is at the verge of its end because of my father in law. What does Allah say about such people who disrespect quran ayats?

Sexual harrasment by father in law

I am a revert of 9 years, I have been with my husband for 13 years and I have twins age 5. For the past 13 years my husband’s sister’s have been spiteful and nasty to me, I have tried with them so much I’ve helped them through bad times and even looked after them when ill. I have ignored their spiteful ness towards me and never reacted to them, I have had so many arguments with my husband aboutthem and he says he is put in the middle or ignores the situation.

How should I deal with a troubling father in law?

Its been 2.5 years since I have got married and right from the start my father in law has been very dominant with me and my husband in Pakistan. For the first few months my husband and I lived in separately from my father in law in an apartment and we visited my father in laws apartment often. I lived with my father in law and my brother in law when my husband got a job in Riyadh.

Relationship with in-laws after divorce?

What are the shariah rules pertaining to a woman being able to maintain a relationship with her in laws after she has been give a talaaq by her husband? Is it permissible to maintain a relationship with her father-in-law and mother-in-law?