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What should i do to be with my husband?

I had sex forcibly by a guy… Now my husband doesn’t want me and don’t want to stay with me.

Revert. Lost my virginity. Extreme guilt

He forced me… He said “I think you want it, I just need to be more forceful”. I feel like I am guilty for allowing myself to be in that situation…

Should I leave him or stay?

I have committed Zina, my bf forced me as he wanted my assurance.

Will Allah forgive me?

I did zina at an age when I had no idea of it… it was kind of forced, my partner was elder to me…

How can I do tawbah?

I’m 16 and I’ve been forced to do gay stuff. How can I get help from Allah and seek forgiveness?

Rape, stigma, lost virginity, and depression

He raped me. I came back home with a lot of pain. I knew I had done the biggest sin for I might be killed.

How do I forgive him for what he did?

All he wanted was kissing and forcing me for sex. He doesn’t feel bad for hurting and making me cry and disrespect me.

My husband loves his phone more than me

Me and my husband never had the chance to get to know each other, or develop any feelings for each other. The time that we spent together he seemed more interested in his phone than me and never said anything anything sweet or to make me feel special. On the first night he forced me and seemed very eager not at all shy.