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I am worried about my future???

In one year my university will be over and my parents will most likely get me married.

I want to marry a non-Arab

I’ve heard my father talk about the right man… and the right man apparently has to be an Arab.

I want to change myself

I am now a 14 year old girl… I don’t deserve to be called a Muslim…

What will be best path for me?

I am confused because I will pass out from university from next week and I only have 1 week to tell my class mate that I wants my life with her.

Istakhara came out negative but we still want to marry each other.

I wanna marry this guy but my mom did a istakhara by aalim and istakhara came out negative and I told the guy istakhara came out negative. I’m so confuse because he said if we still marry something gonna bad happen in our feature but we both r still wanna get marry but we don’t know what we should do please help me.

How can I move on from my haram relationship?

I was in a relationship with a non practicing muslim for 9 months. In this space of time we were living together with his family.
I expected to get engaged but that didn’t end up happening. After, he became very violent and possessive towards me resulting in me geting a black eye.

Should I reveal my past to my husband to be?

I am going to marry this guy with the will of my family later this year inshAllah!! He is a really nice guy and I like him too.

I am confused if I should tell him about my past??

He says he needs space but how long can one wait for?

I got to know someone for the purpose of marriage this was the intention after having a lot of bad luck with other men. I finally think he is the one for me who spoke about a future, religion and what we would want in our marriage insha Allah. To be fair the relationship is not seen as a boyfriend/ girlfriend type.