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I am losing faith in dua.

I have always been a faithful muslim. I would never be disobedient to my Allah and never, ever I have talked to any boy. I have always prayed for a good husband throughout my life, but my dua has gone unanswered. I have read your article about the power of dua, but I am losing faith in dua because I have tried every wazifa and made dua every moment of life- even in the hajj, on the day of arafat.

Child abuse; How the Almighty can allow the innocent to suffer?

How can a defenseless child be put through such horror. Doesn’t every child deserve love and happiness? How is it that some children are born into homes with so much while others with nothing. It is not fair. Why does this happen?

He has left me because I don’t speak the language his mother understands

I know he will not change his decision and that she is the one he wants and no matter how much I beg him and want to be with him he will not be with me because he wants someone who can speak to his mother in his native language. This hurt me because I have been trying my best to learn his language but it can not happen over night.

Hopeless and frustrated with life, I want to be happy

After so much of pain i think i deserve some happiness.I am working hard for my job.give interviews but i dont get any reply from their side.I want to live a nice life which is good for both duniya and aakhrat.I do sabr but sometime get so depressed and get hopeless.Its effecting my health also.

I want to be happy again like I used to be.

I want to go back to the person I was (happy, bubbly, ambitious, outgoing and fun). Please brothers and sisters help me regain normalcy. Tomorrow is my birhtday and I would like to start a new year as a happy woman.

Will Allah be happy with us for our sacrifice?

I like to know that, whether Allah will be happy for our sacrifice. I love a girl and she loves me too. WE prayed to Allah more then a year and also did lots of umrah and also prayed in the place of Dua in Kaaba. She said her wish to her parent and said she asked allah only for him and allah knows her heart. But father does not accept it because of status and society.

Emotional Neglect Leads me to a Male Friend

I am married to my husband since 6 years against my family’s will. I have got three kids two boys and one girl. My husband gives me emotional torture, maximum 6 months in a year he does not talk to me and most of the time if he sees my face he gets angry.

How do you ensure your fiancee/wife isn’t forced into marriage?

I am a young muslim man on the verge of marriage, literally weeks away, it will be an arranged marriage through my parents of course, everything is Islamically halal at least on my side of things.