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How do I tell him that it is non-Islamic to send these messages before marriage?

After engagement I start talking to him on facebook. Now he started sending me red roses which is unislamic to send such kind of things before marriage.

We want to get married but his mother won’t agree

We wish to have each other as a spouse for the sake of Allah. My parents and the guy’s father does not have a problem but the guy’s mother did not agree.

Porn Movies and Zina

I planned many times that this was the last time I would do it, but I fail. I don’t want to go to hell. Please help me and suggest to me what I can do for it. How can I control myself at that time while using the internet? I am writing this message because in these days, I feel that my forgiveness is not possible because I am facing these types of problems again and again.

Anonymous webcam sex – acceptable or not?

If not, what is the punishment?

I commited zinaa. Now I want to repent, to live and die as a Muslim for the rest of my life

I have read in Al Quran & Hadith that if a Married person performed this SIN he should be stoned to death. Also i have read in Al Quran that who ever realises that he made a sin & Regrets, Ask tawbah, Completly stops from doing that sin again & fully believe in Allah that he will accepts the tawbah and forgive.

My husband keeps cheating on me, how can I forgive him?

Just before our wedding, my husband physically cheated on me, he apologized, said it was stress due to his mothers alcoholism so I forgave him. However, throughout our marriage, whenever I went on a holiday to see my parents, I found that he spoke to women online etc, but I have forgiven him every time (4 times till now).

I am Shia Muslim, I met a Christian married woman on the internet

I meet with a girl on a net, she is Christian and married before and still she is not divorced.

In love with a Christian lady, who is nine years older than me

I am in love with a women who lives in philippines and we love each other so much…..but the problem is…She is a Chrstian with 7 year old baby and separated from her husband..

Husband is searching the internet for escort girls. What should I do?

I found out that my husband is searching on the Internet for escort girls. I found out by mistake that he is entering a lot of escort site in the same day and than he entered a hotel reservation what should I do. I don’t know if he cheating on me he always goes out in the night. I need your help kindly advise what should I do..

He divorced me via text message, is it valid?

My husband has cheated on me many times and I caught him many times having physical relations with other women for that reason we were living seperately. One night he came to know that I knew everything he is doing on internet. He called me middle of night and in extreme anger he abused me and said I divorce u immediately.